Grab a Charrette Slot at the Next Generation Water Summit

CodeWatcher Next Generation Water Summit

A limited number of attendees will be able to register for one of two charrettes at the upcoming Next Generation Water Summit in Santa Fe.

The charrettes are a new feature at this year’s Water Summit, with only 80 total slots available. The professionally moderated, half-day charrettes will take place on Tuesday, May 1. White papers will be produced and distributed to all Summit attendees, not just those who participate in the charrettes.

The first charrette will try to solve a hypothetical challenge: How to implement a mandated 50% reduction in urban water usage without crippling the building industry. Aimed at the building community, this discussion will utilize a diverse set of perspectives in order to entertain a complete examination of this challenge. A few of the attendees scheduled to participate include: Darrel McMaster, Founder, Sustainable Homes, Inc. (Texas Hill country); Mike Collignon, Executive Director, Green Builder Coalition; Darrell Lehman, President & CEO, Triconic; and Kim Shanahan, Executive Director, Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association.

“The purpose of this charrette is to contemplate the integration of significant water conservation into the design/build process,” says Collignon. “I’m looking forward to the suggestions on managing customerexpectations in different geographies.”

The second charrette will compile best water reuse practices and mistakes in the Southwest. As many in the water industry know, alternate water sources (i.e. rainwater, greywater, blackwater and stormwater) are often managed by different entities, and practices can vary from state to state. This charrette will bring together state experts from Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Utah to share ideas and find common paths to success.

A few of the attendees scheduled to participate include: Dr. Robert Mace, Chief Water Policy Officer, Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University; Doug Pushard, Founder, HarvestH2o; Peter Mayer, Principal and Founder, WaterDM; and Carol M. Ward-Morris, Assistant Director, Arizona Municipal Water Users Association.

Mayer asks, “Can urban water use be optimized in the American Southwest? With a panel of experts representing the entire region, this charrette will consider the range of feasible water efficiency, reuse, and cooperative opportunities.”

Early bird registration expires on March 7, so people are encouraged to sign up now. Click here for more information on the rest
of the Summit and to register. Hosts of the Next Generation Water Summit will be the Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce, Green Builder Coalition, City of Santa Fe, the Alliance for Water Efficiency and the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association.

Santa Fe Community College is the official education sponsor, and Green Builder Media is the national media partner.