Ohio Building Codes and Contacts

The following information is reprinted with permission from the Building Codes Assistance Project:Ohio climate zones
Current Commercial Code

The 2011 Ohio Building Code, based on the 2009 IECC and its reference to ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007.
passed 3/7/2011, effective 11/1/2011

Current Residential Code

2013 Residential Code of Ohio, based on the 2009 IRC Chapter 11; includes the 2009 IECC and two state-specific alternatives (RCO Sections 1101 through 1104; RCO Section 1105)
passed 5/28/2012, effective 1/1/2013

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Climate Zones: 4A, 5A

Code Adoption and Change Process

Code Change Process

Legislative and Regulatory Process:

Ohio Building Code: Revisions and updates are promulgated by the Ohio Board of Building Standards (BBS), the primary state agency authorized to protect the public’s safety and welfare in building design and construction. Any BBS recommendations are then submitted by Ohio legislature’s Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR), and finally go through the state’s administrative review procedures before any updates become effective.

Residential Code of Ohio: An energy subcommittee of the Residential Codes Advisory Council (RCAC) provides recommendations on proposed updates to the residential code, which then must be approved by a vote of the RCAC. Those recommendations then follow the same process as Ohio Building Standards updates.

Code Change Cycle

No set schedule

Next Code Update

The Ohio Board of Building Standards (BBS) and Residential Code Advisory Council (RCAC) are currently discussing the 2012 and 2015 IECC.

Ohio Code Contacts

Deborah D. Ohler, PE
Staff Engineer
Board of Building and Standards
Ohio Department of Commerce

Email: debbie.ohler@com.state.oh.us

Steven P. Regoli, AIA
Architect Project Administrator
Board of Building and Standards
Ohio Department of Commerce

Email: steven.regoli@com.state.oh.us

Isaac Elnecave
Senior Policy Manager
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA)
Email: ielnecave@mwalliance.org

This information was compiled by the Building Codes Assistance Project, and used with their permission.