Lousiana Building Codes and Contacts

The following information is reprinted with permission from the Building Codes Assistance Project:Louisiana climate zones
Current Commercial Code

ASHRAE 90.1-2007 and the 2009 IECC
passed 7/20/2011; effective 7/20/2011

In Louisiana, commercial buildings are defined as all buildings designed for human occupancy, except one and two family dwellings. The code applies to new commercial buildings and buildings that undergo major renovation. For more information on what projects are required to comply with this code, click here.

Current Residential Code

2009 IRC Chapter 11
passed 1/1/2015; effective 6/30/2015

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Climate Zones: 2A, 3A

Code Adoption and Change Process

Code Change Process

Regulatory: Building codes for one- and two-family residential buildings are promulgated through the Louisiana State Uniform Code Council. Because the state adopts the International Residential Code (IRC), changes to the IRC are reviewed and recommended by an IRC review subcommittee, then a Technical Advisory Committee, then by the full Code Council. The final decisions of the Code Council are must then proceed through the state’s administrative rules review process before becoming law. Building codes for other residential buildings and all commercial buildings are developed by the State Fire Marshal’s office.

Code Change Cycle

The LSUCC for low-rise residential buildings was last updated January 1, 2015. The CBECC for all other buildings was last updated July 20, 2011.

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Louisiana Code Contacts

Buddy Justice
Technology Assessment Division
Louisiana Department of
Natural Resources

Email: buddy.justice@la.gov

Joe Delaune
Architect, Chief Building Official (CBO)
Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal
Email: jdelaune@dps.la.gov

Lauren Westmoreland
Energy Codes Manager
Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA)
Email: lwestmoreland@seealliance.org

This information was compiled by the Building Codes Assistance Project, and used with their permission.