Indiana Building Codes and Contacts

The following information is reprinted with permission from the Building Codes Assistance Project:Indiana climate zones
Current Commercial Code

2010 Indiana Energy Conservation Code, based on ASHRAE 90.1-2007 with state-specific amendments
passed 12/23/09, effective 5/6/10

Current Residential Code

2005 Indiana Residential Code with 2011 Amendments, based on the 2009 IRC Chapter 11 with Indiana amendments that meet the stringency of Chapter 4 of the 2009 IECC
passed 11/2/11, effective 4/5/12

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Climate Zones: 4A, 5A

Code Adoption and Change Process

Code Change Process

Regulatory: Proposed changes initially proceed through code committee meetings, and if approved, notice of intent is published in the Indiana Register. Proposed rules are published 60 days after notice, and two public hearings are held. The first is held 75 days after publication of the rules, and the second hearing is held 45 days after the first hearing. The Attorney General then has 45 days to review the rules before they proceed to the Governor. If the Governor signs off on the rules, they are effective not less than 30 days after being filed with the Secretary of State.

Indiana Code Review Process

Code Change Cycle

No set schedule

Next Code Update


Indiana Code Contacts

Mara Snyder
Director, Legal and Code Services
Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission

Isaac Elnecave
Senior Policy Manager
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA)

This information was compiled by the Building Codes Assistance Project, and used with their permission.