Illinois Building Codes and Contacts

The following information is reprinted with permission from the Building Codes Assistance Project:
Illinois climate zones
Current Commercial Code

2015 IECC and ASHRAE 90.1-2013 with state-specific amendments
effective 1/1/16

Current Residential Code

2015 IECC with state-specific amendments
effective 1/1/16

Capital Development Board Notice of Adopted Amendments for the 2015 IECC

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Climate Zones: 4A, 5A

Code Adoption and Change Process

Code Change Process

When developing code adaptations, rules, and procedures for compliance with the code, the Capital Development Board (CDB) is required to seek input from representatives of the building trades, design professionals, construction professionals, code administrators, and other interested entities affected by the new code. To ensure input from these groups, CDB created the Illinois Energy Code Advisory Council (ILECAC) which has representatives from each of the groups listed above. The ILECAC reviews proposed amendments and votes to accept or reject them; the council’s recommendations are then brought to the CDB. After the CDB accepts the recommendations, they are finally then submitted to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) for acceptance and implementation.

Code Change Cycle

In accordance with the Energy Efficient Building Act, the Illinois Capital Development Board (CDB) is required to review and adopt the most current version of the IECC within one year following its publication date. The code will then become effective within six months following its adoption by the CDB.

Next Code Update

The next code update for Illinois depends on the publication date of the 2018 IECC, which is still in preliminary code development stages. Illinois’ next code update should not take effect until at least early 2019.

Illinois Code Contacts

Bruce Selway
Energy Efficiency Education / Codes
Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

Lisa Mattingly
Administrator, Professional Services
Capital Development Board

Isaac Elnecave
Senior Policy Manager
Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA)

This information was compiled by the Building Codes Assistance Project, and used with their permission.