DOE Says: Standard 90.1-2016 Results in National Energy Cost Savings

DOE commercial energy savings

The Department of Energy recently issued a determination that ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2016 will improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings.

DOE analysis indicates that buildings meeting 90.1-2016 (as compared to the 2013 edition) would result in national energy cost savings of approximately 8.2%, as regulated by the model code. DOE is directed by federal statute to review each newly published edition of the model code, and issue a determination as to whether the updated code will increase energy efficiency in commercial buildings.

States are also required to review their commercial building energy codes within two years following an affirmative DOE determination, and certify their codes meet or exceed the updated edition of Standard 90.1.

Read more information on DOE’s determination, along with supporting analysis and public comments received here.