Preservationists: Climate Change May Deteriorate Buildings

codewatcher climate change and old buildings

Reports continue to show that hanging on to the buildings we have–and making them energy efficient–is important to mitigating the environmental effects of new buildings.

According to Scott L. Miley, CNHI Statehouse Reporter, in his April 23 article, “Preservationists: Climate Change May Deteriorate Buildings” quotes Ball State University architecture professor Jonathan Spodek as saying: “If temperatures rise as changing climate conditions prevail, home and business owners should renovate landmark structures into energy-saving buildings.”

Spodek addressed about 20 planners and architects working for public agencies and private firms in one of the sessions at “Preserving Historic Places,” Indiana’s Statewide Preservation Conference, in Columbus on Friday. Read the article for the ideas that came out of this discussion and information regarding the negative impact new buildings (even energy efficient ones) can have on the environment. Read the full article here.