RESNET to Improve Quality Assurance Program

In the aftermath of the HERS Variability Study results, the RESNET Board continues to seek improvements to the RESNET quality assurance program.

At its 2019 Spring RESNET Board Meeting, the RESNET
Board of Directors adopted five initiatives intended to upgrade the RESNET QA Program:

• RESNET quality assurance efforts will be amended to support increases or reductions in quality assurance stringency based on performance. Further, these amendments shall incentivize and place more focus on the quality of the Providers’ quality assurance oversight
and feedback to raters, not just the quantity.

• RESNET shall develop internal policy improvements for Rating Provider tracking and reporting with the intent to reduce the overall time burden on quality assurance activities that do not add substantial value to the program.

• RESNET shall develop and implement a pilot program in partnership with a utility program implementer, leveraging the field quality assurance performed by their staff. The purpose of
the pilot is to identify and resolve any barriers to leveraging utility program quality assurance with the intent of eliminating redundancy and reducing the field quality assurance cost burden for Rating Providers.

• RESNET Quality Assurance Staff shall develop, on an ongoing basis, Quality Assurance Designee (QAD) training content in order to more quickly disseminate information learned from RESNET enhanced quality oversight and to train new procedures established through
future standard or policy changes.

• RESNET QA Staff shall implement regular reporting of QA Genie flag information. This information shall be communicated to the Rating Provider and the Primary QAD to support their ongoing QA activities.

While these all sound good, RESNET is quick to point out that the above is a proposed policy and not a work plan. RESNET staff is going to react to this Board proposal by developing an implementation plan for the RESNET Board to consider.