RESNET Hits Major Milestone

RESNET announces 2 million HERS rated homes

RESNET has announced that over 2 million homes in the United States have now been rated with a HERS Index Score, measuring a home’s energy efficiency.

RESNET 2 Million HERS Rated Homes

Tjhis important news comes on the heels of RESNET’s announcement a few weeks ago that reported the growing demand for HERS Index ratings. Between January 1 and August 31, 2017, 145,467 homes were uploaded to the RESNET National Registry. During this time in 2016, there were 132,225 homes uploaded into the registry. This is 13,242 more homes over the same time period of our record breaking 2016.

RESNET is using this milestone to educate consumers by partnering with EnergySmart Builder KB Home on a series of media events on the value of the HERS Index. In 2012, when recognizing the millionth home to receive a HERS Index Score, RESNET partnered with EnergySmart Builder Meritage Home on outreach to consumer media

With over 3,000 RESNET certified auditors, raters and contractors across North America, the HERS Index Score plays an increasingly important role in the housing industry, with more utility companies now offering builders rebates based on the efficiency of their homes, as rated by certifiedRESNET Home Energy Professionals.

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