New Tool to Get Value for HERS Rated Houses

RESNET and Appraisal Institute collaborate on educating real estate appraisers on the HERS Index and the RESNET Appraisal Portal.

AI and RESNET have partnered to provide appraisers with real-time access to RESNET’s National Registry of HERS Rated Homes through the RESNET Online Appraisal Portal. The portal allows AI professionals and trained green appraisers to access important information about the energy efficiency of more than 2.5 million HERS rated homes in the United States. There is no cost for the appraiser to access the portal.

The objective of the collaboration is to raise appraisers’ awareness that the HERS Index is the key to unlocking the value of green homes, and the power of the RESNET Online Appraisal Portal in valuing the energy performance of homes.

Education materials include:

The HERS Index:  The Key to Unlocking the Value of Green Homes” Infographic 

Introducing the HERS Index to Appraisers Video

RESNET Online Appraisal Portal Infographic 

How to Use the RESNET Online Appraisal Portal Video