Where Will the Next Generation of HERS Raters Come From?

CodeWatcher RESNET podcast

Similar to what is happening with shifting demographics across other trades and construction industries, RESNET is also looking
towards the younger generation to become the future leaders.
Matt Gingrich, RESNET Board Vice President, and Valerie Briggs, RESNET’s Communications Director discuss the measures that RESNET is taking to address this challenge.
Learn about the newly formed RESNET Emerging Leadership Council (ELC) which is poised to address this trend from many facets. Ex-officio board and committee positions, custom toolkits for schools, infographics and the use of technology (e.g. Slack and the RESTalk Podcast)… the ELC is taking on this issue from every angle.
RESTalk’s host is Bill Spohn, a podcast enthusiast. Bill is a committed building science proponent and registered professional engineer. He has over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry and has interacted with RESNET since its founding. This provides a rare insight to RESNET and the building performance industry.
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