In Four States Half of New Homes HERS Rated

HERS rated homes continue to grow nationwide. Check out the ten states boasting the most HERS rated homes.

Based upon data from the RESNET National Registry and US Census data, RESNET staff has completed an analysis of the penetration of HERS Index Scores in states’ housing markets.

The top ten states in terms of percentage of new completed single-family homes that were HERS rated in 2018 are:

The map below contains the percentage of new single-family homes HERS rated in 2018 Source:  Ryan Meres, RESNET


The below map contains the average HERS Index Score per state in 2018, with the lowest scores being in Maine, Vermont, and Hawaii. Source: Ryan Meres, RESNET



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  1. Jim Johnson | October 4, 2019 at 6:29 pm |

    As a builder I wish that all builders would have their homes scored so that a customer would have a basis for buying their home knowing that their new home is what they should expect a new home today should be

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