How to Get Home Energy Ratings Info to Realtors

In RESNET’s latest podcast, learn how organizations deliver home energy ratings information to the real estate community.

Learn how one BIG GREEN BUTTON is connecting Portland’s Green Building Registry to the RESNET HERS Registry to provide Portland’s regional MLS with HERSIndex Scores, to measure a home’s energy efficiency.

On this episode of RESTalk, David Heslam, Executive Director of Earth Advantage and RESNET Program Director Ryan Meres discuss how the organizations are teaming up to seamlessly deliver Home Energy Ratings information to the real estate community in Portland, Ore., via their pilot project to auto-populate the RMLS with HERS ratings.

As Heslam notes, there is a tremendous opportunity for the real estate community to serve a need: Research has found as many as 71% of consumers value green home attributes, yet only 35% of real estate professionals feel comfortable discussing them.

Research also shows that featuring a HERS rating in a home’s listing can lead to higher sale and resale premiums, as discussed on a recent RESTalk episode with real estate appraiser Sandra Adomatis.

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Heslam highly suggests that realtors make sure their MLS’ have green fields available for HERS energy rating data and that HERS Raters make friends with realtors in their area to help them better understand this information.

Heslam describes his career journey from a builder, to a green builder, then into education and research in the housing market, now leading this Portland-based nonprofit whose mission is to advance the value of sustainable building practices in the Northwest residential market. You can contact him or via his LinkedIn profile, as he travels coast to coast inspiring many communities who are interested in the work being done in Portland.

You can learn more at the website or at the registry:

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