Four Addenda to RESNET MINHERS Standards

codewatcher resnet addenda
Addendum 29, QADs, implements the RESNET Board of Directors new policy regarding Quality Assurance Designees. RESNET certified Quality Assurance Designees will be trained, certified and mentored by RESNET and will be accountable to enforcement of the RESNET Standards. In addition, at minimum 50% of all rating providers and their quality assurance staff will undergo enhanced quality assurance monitoring and oversight through either an online or in-field review to enhance compliance with the RESNET Standards. If the Quality Assurance Designees are found to not properly comply with RESNET’s procedures, they are subject to discipline by RESNET up to and including de-certification as a Quality Assurance Designee.
Addendum 32f, Addenda Effective Dates and Transition Period, replaces interim Addendum 32i e. The Addendum amends the RESNET Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards to:
  1. Conform Chapter 5 criteria for amending the standards with the Non-ANSI Standards Development Policy and Procedures approved by the RESNET Board of Directors;
  2. Require continuous updating of the MINHERS published on the RESNET website as new amendments are adopted;
  3. Establish default effective dates twice a year for amendments unless otherwise specified by the Standards Management Board, and;
  4. Allow the Standards Management Board to define a transition period tied to building permit dates before compliance with new amendment criteria is mandatory.
Addendum 39, Ventilation Airflow and Fan Wattage, provides interim solutions for rating homes with mechanical ventilation systems where ventilation airflows cannot be measured and for cases where ventilation fan wattages cannot be determined. The interim solutions are: where mechanical ventilation airflow cannot be measured, air exchange rate of the rated home will be treated the same as a home without a mechanical ventilation system; default fan wattages are provided for cases where ventilation fan wattage cannot be determined. These issues are addressed in ANSI/RESNET/ICC 301-2019 which will replace Standard ANSI/RESNET/ICC 301-2014 for the HERS at a 2019 date to be determined.
Addendum 40f, Ethics Appeal Panel, replaces interim Addendum 40i. The Addendum amends the RESNET Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards to change the Ethics Appeal Panel makeup from 3 voting members plus one alternate member to 4 voting members. Two are selected by the appellant and two are selected by RESNET. Motions must be approved by majority vote.