Florida HBA Sponsors New Energy Ratings Program

Triconic partners with Intertek and UL to combine energy and water ratings in a Certified Ratings Program that could give RESNET a run for its money.

The Florida Home Builders Association has announced their sponsorship of a new Certified Ratings Program. The program has partnered with Water Star to combine energy and water ratings into a single package for home builders.

FHBA selected Triconic, an independent administrator that designs, builds, and operates certification programs, to run the new program. Triconic accepts applications from accredited inspection agencies and individual inspectors who are in good standing, trains them, and allows them to issue certifications based on the needs of their clients. Data for each certification is submitted to Triconic through their online portal, and the data is reviewed by Intertek and UL, two world leaders in certification.

The program uses the same building energy measurement standard as RESNET’s HERS (ANSI/RESNET/ICC 301-2014). Through the Certified Ratings Program, Intertek or UL can issue Florida Energy Code certificates at permit and as-built for paths “R402,” “R405,” and “R406.” They can also provide individual certificates for blower door tests, duct leakage tests, and independent inspections.

Water Star certificates are issued from Intertek or UL using existing Water Star procedures that will now be administered by Triconic. Additionally, the Certified Ratings Program can provide third-party quality assurance in real time. Builders and property owners can choose any number or combination of the certificates offered, depending on the needs of the individual. Andrea Schneiter, the marketing and public relations coordinator for Intertek, said those using the program can expect it to be cost-effective, efficient and consistent.

“We have listened to the market and realize that program participants are looking for a trusted, recognized, and credible service that can scale to new market demands,” Schneiter said.

Schneiter said that there is demand in other states for a program like this. Because Intertek and UL are both operating on an international scale already, expansion into other cities, counties, and states is a very real possibility.

Mike Collignon, executive director and co-founder of Green Builder Coalition, says the fact that this program is being sponsored by FHBA is significant and that builders have a lot of influence in deciding what gets adopted at the state and local level. “The fact that the home builders association backs this makes it much more palatable,” says Collignon. “Instead of it being an adversarial situation, now it’s, ‘Here’s something we support.’”

Triconic will begin accepting applications from inspection agencies and individual inspectors interested in participating in the Certified Ratings Program. The program’s first onboard training session will take place on July 26 at FHBA’s conference in Kissimmee, Fla., and the program is expected to launch by the end of July. Click here for more information on the program.

Erin Schroeder is a freelance writer and editor based in St. Charles, Mo.