California Energy Commission Proposes New Efficiency Mandates for Computers

Contrary to Popular Belief, Laptops and Computers Waste Enormous Amounts of Power.

It’s a regulatory move that, in our view, is long overdue. Household computers, even “sleep” mode, still consume up to 350 watts of power, yet consumers mistakenly believe that at hibernating or sleeping computer is energy efficient. They also believe the myth that turning a computer on and off uses more power than leaving it on overnight. This new rule could “adjust” the impacts of those misconceptions.

The NRDC did a thorough report on the new standard:

The California Energy Commission (CEC) today released its latest proposal for mandating more energy efficient computers and monitors. The proposal for the nation’s first mandatory standards for computers, if adopted, will be an important step toward reducing their energy use around the country and even the world.

The new proposed standards require that desktop computers reduce power draw by half when idle (with no user activity), and establishes more modest power reductions for notebooks/laptops, which already are much more efficient when operating on battery mode, but that is not always the case when they are plugged in.

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