WERS Program Upcoming Events and Updates


The Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS) program continues to expand. Here is the progress we made in September.

The next WERS Verifier course will take place on October 25-27, 2017 at the Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, NM. For more information and/or to register, please click here.

A new designation has been created: WERS Consultant. Here are the details, which will be announced later this week in The Torch:

  • 2-day course, which concludes with a written exam
  • Designed for those who want a deep understanding of water ratings, but do not plan to become a WERS Verifier
  • Consultant course will focus on how to enter a property’s data into the WERS Tool
  • Technical information, from flow rates to evapotranspiration to industry standards, will also be covered
  • Field training and exam are not a part of this course
  • CEU structure will be implemented to retain this designation
  • Consultant course could be used to earn CEUs in other disciplines
  • Work continues with NGBS Water Efficiency Task Group 4 about a proposal to add a Water Rating Index (which would be based on the WERS methodology) to Chapter 8 of the 2018 National Green Building Standard. The initial proposal was filed in April 2017, and the Task Group met to discuss it and many other proposals in late April. At that meeting, the Task Group expressed strong interest in such a concept, and discussions will continue for the next month or two.

The 2018 Next Generation Water Summit will take place on April 29-30 and May 1, 2018 in Santa Fe, NM. The Summit Working Group is meeting regularly to procure sponsors, speakers and exhibitors. More details will be announced as they become available.

Here is the list of upcoming WERS conference sessions:

  • WaterSmart Innovations (2 sessions) – October 4-6 in Las Vegas, NV
  • Florida chapter of AWWA – November 29 in Orlando, FL