Environmental Product Declaration for SHEERFILL II Architectural Membrane

Saint-Gobain announces the publication of the first Environmental Product Declaration for a PTFE coated architectural membrane – SHEERFILL II.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a comprehensive, internationally-harmonized report that documents the ways in which a product, throughout its lifecycle, affects the environment.

As the global leader in strong long-lasting architectural membranes, Saint-Gobain is committed to working towards sustainability. Its product SHEERFILL is the only PTFE coated architectural membrane that is Energy Star and Cool Roof Rated.

“Our company is committed to producing materials that meet the highest levels of both performance and sustainability,” says Michael Lussier, Global Market Leader for SHEERFILL. “The release of this document allows us to be transparent with SHEERFILL users and project owners about the products they are using so that they, too, can reach their sustainability and quality goals.”

Real-life use has shown that SHEERFILL Architectural Membrane provides up to 25 years or more of reliable service. The first installation of SHEERFILL II has been in continuous use, since 1973, at the University of La Verne.