Wood Ties As Beautiful As They Are Strong

Codewatcher MiTek OZCO ties

OZCO Ornamental wood ties are deck hardware that is meant to be seen.

MiTek introduces its ornamental wood ties, which can accommodate any size post and project, all while being aesthetically pleasing and, most of all, structurally sound. The product:

  • is manufactured by OZCO with thicker steel, hot dipped galvanized and powder coated, providing superior and attractive appearance;
  • comes in two distinctive styles: Ironwood and Laredo Sunset; and
  • has 101 SKUs stocked and distributed by MiTek.

OZCO is a leading manufacturer in the Ornamental Hardware category, holding 9-plus patents to prove it.

The company’s patented Timber Bolts tighten from the inside out and adjust over 2” for a perfect fit, which eliminates the need to trim unsightly and potentially dangerous bolt ends. Timber Screws provide excellent performance and can be installed with the Hex Cap Nut or Hammered Dome Cap Nut for the desired decorative style.

Most products are sold in kits to ensure everything needed for installation is included.

Learn more at https://www.mitek-us.com/products/Ornamental-Wood-Ties/