Wood Screw Series For Resilient Housing Compliance

CodeWatcher Mitek fasteners

MiTek Pro Series wood screws are code compliant and reduce labor. 

The MiTek® Pro Series™ wood screws can be used to fasten deck ledgers to the rim board (AKA band/rim joist) of structures to meet the connection requirements of the International Residential Building Code (IRC).

Ideal for wood-to-wood and metal-to wood connections, MiTek Hex Head structural wood screws are available in lengths from 1-1/2” to 8”.  These screws can be used in numerous framing applications in lieu of traditional lags screws.

The New Standard in Structural Wood Screws

  • Cut point feature offers fast start and reduces torque during installation
  • Yellow Zinc and Exterior finishes
  • Lengths from 1 1/2″ to 10″ long
  • Technical bulletins available for Deck Ledger and Multi Ply EWP connections
  • All screws in the Pro Series are listed under ICC-ES ESR-2761 and is code complaint to the 2015 IBC/IRC.

Hex Head Screw – For Deck Ledgers and Other Wood-to-Wood Connections

The MiTek Pro Series Hex Head is ideal for numerous framing applications including wood-to-wood and metal-to-wood connections.

Bugle Head Screw – For General Purpose Wood-to-Wood Connections

The MiTek Pro Series Bugle Head is the ideal structural wood screw to drive the head flush or countersink it below the wood surface. The WSBH is easy to install and is a high strength alternative to traditional lags, bolts and pole barn nails.

Washer Head Exterior Screw – For Deck Ledgers and Other Wood-to-Wood Connections

The MiTek Pro Series Washer Head is an ideal alternative to traditional lag screws and through-bolts. It is easy to install and reduces labor on the jobsite. The large, flat washer head maximizes bearing area and allows for less interference after installation.

Washer Head Interior Screw – For Multi-Ply EWP and Multi-Ply Truss Girders

The MiTek Pro Series Washer Head is the ideal screw for interior Multi-Ply EWP and Dimensional wood connections. The specific lengths of the WSWH allow for one-sided connections on multi-ply beams and truss girders.

Learn more at http://mitek-us.com/proseries.