Wind- and Earthquake-Resistant Multifamily Frame System

Go higher and wider with Hardy Frame® CFS Moment Frame.

Replacing structural steel alternatives, Hardy Frame® CFS Moment Frame is an easily stackable, cold-formed steel system for lateral force resistance. In fact, the Hardy Frame® CFS Moment Frame is the only premanufactured lateral frame system that can be effectively used in wind and earthquake resistance for multistory and multifamily construction.

“CFS Moment Frame fills a need for designs that require narrow wall dimensions along with the benefits of a bolted moment connection of cold-formed steel components,” says Jesse Karns, director of engineering, Lateral Load Systems for MiTek. “This is something no other prefabricated lateral system can provide.”

The CFS Moment Frame offers very high lateral load resistance in narrow-wall or pier lengths, which is ideal for providing design freedom to create large architectural openings for moveable glass walls and windows.

The picture frame configuration (above) — distinguished by beams at the top and bottom with moment connections at all four corners — is called the Hardy Frame® CFS Picture Frame, and it is extremely effective in multistory design and construction.

In either configuration, the allowable lateral shear value of CFS Moment Frames is approximately equal to four or five HFX panels of similar widths. The CFS Moment Frame can also be installed back to back to double the capacity. The lower beam in the CFS Picture Frame bears on wood floor systems and distributes overturning compression forces to limit crushing and reduce deflection, all in a wall dimension that is narrower and more effective than multiple wood posts.

In addition to lateral shear resistance and distribution of compression forces to wood members below, when combined with the Hardy Frame® Z4 continuous tie-down, the system will also transfer overturning and uplift tension forces that result from wind and seismic loading to the foundation.

The structural properties of the Hardy Frame® CFS Moment Frames have been evaluated for equivalency to light-framed shear walls sheathed with wood structural panels and comply with the intent of the provisions of the following codes and regulations:

  • 2018 and 2015 International Building Code (IBC)
  • 2018 and 2015 International Residential Code (IRC)
  • 2016 California Building Code (CBC)

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