Top 10 Reasons to Use Prefab Shear Wall Panels

CodeWatcher Hardy Panels Top 10

Hardy Frame Panels are easy to inspect, easy to install, and may reduce your callbacks. 

At least 39 states are now considered areas of moderate high earthquake or high wind risk for wood structures. As a result, building codes require wood framed structures to be braced for lateral loads.

Traditionally, prescriptive designs at exterior narrow wall sections have been limited to “garage portal” framing solutions, employing plywood sheathing that requires extensive, often problematic construction work.

MiTek Hardy Frame® Panels provide the structural requirements in narrow wall lengths and their “C-Shape” is the most trade-friendly in the industry. The MiTek Hardy Frame Prescriptive Braced Wall Solution is the ideal option for you and your contractors.

Top 10 reasons to use Hardy Frame Panels

  1. This is a highly pre-fabricated panel for seismic and wind and that prevents any trouble with the code officials.
  2. Hardy Frame’s Prefabricated Narrow Shear Wall Panels are a proven economical solution for most limited-wall-space applications.
  3. The prescriptive method that does not require an engineering solution. No need to calculate loads.
  4. Achieve significant labor savings when putting in the Hardy Frame compliant panels.
  5. Panels build a better garage front faster and easier. Compared to site build, it’s a smaller panel, but still has the opening for a 2-car garage.
  6. Maximize the square footage available.
  7. Comply with code. Complies with 2015 IRC Code, 2006, 2009 and 2012 IBC and IRC Building Codes.
  8. Now have more design flexibility in how you can design homes, most commonly with garage fronts.
  9. Perfect for free-standing garages requiring tall panels for RVs.
  10. HFX Prefabricated Shear Wall 9″ Panels, the narrowest panel in the industry, offers a garage front IRC compliant solution.

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