Top 10 Reasons to Use a Sophisticated Supply Solution

Codewatcher Sapphire Supply

Here are the features of Sapphire Supply, a one-stop solution for whole-house estimating, framing layout, and design can help you bring material waste down to 2 percent.

Help your customers identify and resolve potential design issues before the home is shipped, and provide verification of its buildability. Other suppliers only provide a list of materials, but you cans provide the list AND the installation guide, including a 3D model of the framed home.


  • Eliminate the guesswork – create take-offs that everyone agrees on.
  • A traceable, verifiable BOM – one that can visually track the material used in the BIM.
  • Identify and resolve design issues before the home is shipped
  • Structural USP connector solutions
  • Collaborative viewer of a 3D model that gets you and your customer on the same page
  • Time saving integration with back office & POS systems
  • EWP layout & design for the leading manufacturers


  1. Stop spending 50% of sales time estimating
  2. No more rushed estimates
  3. No more missing materials
  4. No more overage and unused materials degrading on site; potentially reducing material waste from 8% to 2%.
  5. Fewer returns
  6. Accuracy (verifiability)
  7. Increased productivity (rolling EWP and estimating into same model)
  8. Differentiation in marketplace (use the estimate to win business, win big customers)
  9. We can handle all different wood manufacturers
  10. Supports design of wood products across a range of brands

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