Spray Foam Market Share Grows in Unlikely Place

CodeWatcher spray foam

A Home Innovation Research Labs study reveals spray foam has a bigger market share in warmer climates than cooler ones.

You might assume that because energy codes have more stringent insulating requirements for cooler climates it would make sense for a manufacturer with a new high-performance insulation Codewatcher spray foam market share by zone product to introduce it in the cooler, northern region of the country. But, according to data analysis we’ve recently conducted, that assumption would be wrong. The market doesn’t always play out the way that seems most logical.  Spray foam insulation is a prime example of this. As shown in the map at right, it has enjoyed much bigger market share in warmer climates than in cooler. codeWatcher spray foam market share

Home Innovation Research Labs has been tracking and analyzing building materials usage for decades. Recently, we’ve developed some new data formats that allow more granular analysis of market sizes and trends. One such capability is analysis of building materials usage by IECC Climate Zones. What this particular analysis revealed seems counterintuitive–that spray foam insulation, considered a high-performing insulation with R-values of up to 7 per inch, becomes progressively more popular the further south you go.

To find out more about this analysis, check out Ed Hudson’s blog here.

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