CodeWatcher LP Webinar

Webinar: Meeting Fire Codes With Fire Rated Sheathing

Green Builder Media hosts its next free webinar, Wednesday, December 5 at 2 pm Eastern This course provides an overview ...
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New ZIP System Product Simplifies 2015 Energy Code Compliance

Single-panel sheathing system meets IECC 2015 requirements for both insulation and reduction of air infiltration. Huber Engineered Woods LLC, a ...
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VIDEO: Introduction to ZIP Systems

Huber's new insulated sheathing system is a major labor saver, at the same time helping homes reach net zero performance ...
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VIDEO: Zip System Vs. Traditional Housewrap

Watch ZIP System® sheathing and tape go head-to-head with regular housewrap. Home Innovation Research Lab's third-party test asserts that ZIP ...
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Alternative for Three-Coat Stucco Rated Positively

An independent evaluation by IBACOS has attested that a substrate and textured acrylic finish system has the potential for improved ...
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Sheathing Option: Save Money, Meet Fire Code

LP Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing is engineered for fire code compliance and design flexibility. Designing to meet code requirements is not ...
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