Mineral Wool Insulation EPDs Released

CodeWatcher Mineral Wool EPD

NAIMA releases environmental product declarations for three insulation product categories.

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) has released Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for three insulation product categories: Heavy Density Mineral Wool Board, Light Density Mineral Wool Board, and Mineral Wool Loose-Fill.

The EPDs will allow architects, engineers, building owners and other specifiers to better understand the environmental impacts of mineral wool insulation products.

An EPD is a standardized, internationally recognized tool for providing information on a product’s environmental impact. Information in EPDs is based on third-party verified ISO-compliant Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data, which considers all processes in the manufacturing of a product, including raw material and energy extraction, preliminary production and the manufacture of end products.

Industry-wide EPDs are issued within the parameters created by Product Category Rules (PCR) for Building Envelope Thermal Insulation.  LEED v4, the green building rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, has incorporated a new credit for EPDs that have been third-party verified by an approved program operator.

The EPDs were independently prepared by thinkstep, a sustainability consultancy and software company, in accordance with applicable ISO Standards and the Product Category Rules for Building Envelope Thermal Insulation.  They were also independently certified by UL (in accordance with ISO Standards).

The EPDs are publicly available on www.spot.ul.com. They are also available on NAIMA’s website.