Mitek Specifier Offers Quick Product Info

CodeWatcher MiTek Specifier 2.0

Designed for Engineers and Estimators, Specifier software simplifies access to information on thousands of MiTek USP Structural Connectors.

MiTek Specifier creates fast, accurate product quotes, illustrated pick lists, and detailed installation packets specific to each project. Estimators love the speed and efficiency of the software. It accumulates all the connectors on a project, creates the product list, gives you quick access to support documents and code evaluation reports, and gets you ready to quote.

The new version of Specifier for MiTek products–MiTek Specifier 2.0–has been completely reimagined. By making it easier than ever before to filter through the MiTek product portfolio, spend less time trying to find the items you care most about.

  • Advanced Filtering options for power users, dynamically updates based on selected category
  • Search via Product Name, Product Reference, or Description
  • Access to individual comprehensive product detail pages
  • Compare up to four USP products side by side across all category classes

The days of juggling multiple reference material resources are gone.  Now all available information about each connector is contained in one place.  From code reports to dimensions, anything you could possibly need is a single click away and available on any screen.

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