Is Your Structure Seismically Sound?

Don’t wait for the next “Big One” to take a look at your home’s ability to withstand a seismic event.

Hardy Frame HFX-Series panel on concrete foundations.

MiTek’s Hardy Frame® offers the only comprehensive line of lateral load solutions for seismic and wind events, with products intended for both new construction installation or existing structures as a retrofit to improve earthquake forces, provide safety and reduce damage.

Hardy Frame HFX-Series brace frame on concrete foundations.

From USP connectors to custom engineered and manufactured solutions for your single family and multi-family structures, MiTek Builder Products are built for reliability.

Hurricane Gusset Angle

For walls with large openings such as garage doors, french doors and picture windows Hardy Frame Panels, Brace Frames and Special Moment Frames are specifically designed to add strength, stiffness and ductility.

For structural connections throughout the building, including anchorage to the foundation, USP® Structural Connectors offer a variety of steel products and applications to provide earthquake
resistance where it is needed most. No other system stacks up. Solve better architecturally, design with new possibilities, and utilize a more economical solution. Take the first step toward safety today: