Old-School Insulation Estimating

Try this old-school hack for estimating insulation jobs. Getting accurate estimates for insulation installation jobs in new construction homes sounds ...
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3 Things to Stop Doing with Batts

These three common mistakes can affect the performance of your insulation. Strong new home starts and an uptick in hiring ...
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You Still Get What You Inspect

The Insulation Institute drops in an a jobsite and shares observations. We don’t get out to jobsites often. Much of ...
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Energy Efficiency Workforce Grows to 2.3 Million

Energy efficiency jobs represent the largest job-creating category in the energy economy, accounting for 76,000 of the sector’s entire growth ...
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Three Basics for Visibly Great Insulation Jobs

The anatomy of an exceptional batt insulation job. We’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of photos of fiberglass insulation jobs ...
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Insulation, Air Sealing: They Are Two Different Things

It's important to look at the important differences between insulation and air sealing. One of the best ways to keep ...
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New Video: The Definitive Guide to Air Sealing

A new air sealing video with companion guide, webinar, and infographic has all the information you need to meet energy ...
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Codewatcher trends report

Designers Report on Energy Efficiency Trends

Here are the topline findings from's home design trends report. recently published its 2019 Energy-Efficient Home Design Trends Report. The ...
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Codewatcher NRDC guide for healthy air sealing and insulation

New Tool To Spec Healthy Insulation Products

NRDC raises the bar on insulation and air sealing products used for multifamily affordable housing with a newly released guide ...
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CodeWatcher Matt Risinger on Best insulation

Matt Risinger On Which Insulation Is Best for High Performance

The Insulation Institute asks builder/influencer Risinger: “We’ve seen you talk about using both fiberglass and mineral wool insulation products in ...
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