Multifamily Resilience: Hardy Frame CFS Picture Frame

Designed to weather storms and earthquakes, this new product is a resilient solution for multifamily buildings. 

MiTek just rolled out its new CFS (Cold-Formed Steel) Picture Frame, the only pre-manufactured lateral frame system that can be used in wind and earthquake resistance of multi-story, multifamily construction.

The standardized cold-formed steel shear wall systems can be stacked in multi-story wood frame buildings to distribute high overturning forces and prevent excessive crushing of wood supporting members.  The unique design also incorporates a self-ratcheting take-up device to keep connections tight as wood members shrink with loss of moisture and compress from vertical forces.

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System highlights include:

  • Architectural freedom. The new, easily stackable Cold-Formed Steel Picture Frame makes larger windows possible in multi-story construction (up to five stories) by distributing compression over more wall length and simultaneously providing lateral load resistance and uplift forces over multiple floors.
  • Ability to spec narrow wall sections. The only lateral frame perfect for applications in wood frame construction for narrow wall sections with large openings and conditions.
  • Self-tightening feature. Z4 Cinch Nut, a take-up device used in continuous tie-down systems, keeps connections tight in the event of wood shrinkage and deformation.
  • All-in-one system approach.  The product resists lateral shear, provides continuous tie-down for accumulating overturning uplift, and distributes compression forces.

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