Buildings Should Resist More Than Just Storms

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The performance of an insulated concrete wall (ICF) system is designed to withstand some of Mother Nature’s worst, including earthquakes, wildfires, and hailstorms.

With the increase of natural disasters, the higher the risk of damages. While many people think of hurricanes when they consider building for resiliency, structures need to be built to withstand other natural disasters as well. Recent studies have shown the increase of cost associated with natural disasters in North America. The below chart, demonstrates the amount of Canadian dollars spent in restoring damages inflicted from natural disasters over the past few years.
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When you build with an ICF system, such as NUDURA insulated concrete wall systems, you are guarding against high winds, fire, the elements, and the test of time. NUDURA insulated concrete wall systems provide greater impact resistance and will withstand winds of up to 250 mph.

The strength of the ICF systems comes from the steel reinforced solid concrete core. NUDURA offers ICFs in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches of concrete.  ICFs have been used for commercial and residential structures throughout North America and have saved building owners from having to rebuild their homes and businesses after disasters.
In addition, building with NUDURA ICF systems allows you to offer integrated accessory products that are specially designed to provide better anchorage of roof trusses to the wall during severe storms.

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NUDURA insulated concrete form homes have stood up to of some of Mother nature’s worst storms, as can be seen in the photos at right. In 2004 a NUDURA home built with insulated concrete wall systems survived the storms in Florida when other homes in the neighborhood built with wood did not.

Insulated Concrete wall systems are optimal for the threat of earthquakes. Over the years, earthquakes in the United States have increased in seismic activity. NUDURA insulated concrete wall system provides better anchorage of buildings because of the concrete core and the form’s flexibility in being able to add and accurately position both vertical and horizontal steel as needed to resist seismic forces based on prevailing Codes and Engineering design requirements.

Learn more about Nudura’s ICF system here and check out the company’s photo gallery and project profiles.

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