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CodeWatcher spray foam

Spray Foam Market Share Grows in Unlikely Place

A Home Innovation Research Labs study reveals spray foam has a bigger market share in warmer climates than cooler ones ...
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CodeWatcher 10 energy efficiency projects

DOE Lists Top Ten Most Viewed Building Efficiency Projects

Covering sectors ranging from industrial plants to hotels to colleges, interest in sustainability is on the rise. The Top 10 ...
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ICF: Storm-Proof Construction

When it comes to building for disasters, ICF wall systems provide exceptional wind and impact resistance. ICF wall systems are ...
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In Search of the Fire Code-Compliant Cat Door

Only one company that I know of offers a fire-ready pet door. But will fire chiefs consider it code compliant? ...
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Codewatcher Four Innovations

Four Housing Design Trends

These housing design breakthroughs could be in all new homes in a few years. One of the most important questions ...
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Mitsubishi Adds Two Small Ducted Indoor Models for Passive Homes

The new products come in response to a white space in the market for low-capacity, high-efficiency units suitable for small ...
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