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CodeWatcher HPBA wood stove

Wood Stove Mfrs Want Time to Meet New Emissions Standards

HPBA urges Senate action to give wood stove manufacturers time to meet new EPA emissions standards. This is a statement ...
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CodeWatcher Typar Bulk Water

Building Codes Address Bulk Water Management

Codes drive adoption of drainable building wraps as solution to manage bulk water. In many areas around the country, building ...
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CodeWatcher LP history

Radiant Barrier Offers Timeless Roofing Innovation

Radiant barrier is used on hundreds of thousands of homes each year and continues to be a valuable material for ...
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CodeWatcher Typar book announcement

Ebook: Innovation Leads to High-Performance Building Solutions

This new free ebook covers the important systems and products that are designed to manage the building envelope, insulation, and ...
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Oregon First State to Approve Building Codes for Tall Mass Timber Buildings

Oregon has become the first state to approve the use of science-based building code requirements for tall mass timber buildings ...
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CodeWatcher Typar

How to Pick the Right Housewrap

Here are recommendations for selecting a high-performance building wrap. The use and proper installation of building wraps (also known as ...
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