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Metal Roofing Stands Up to Fires, Storms

Beautiful, sustainable, durable, energy efficient … from all perspectives, metal roofs are the best choice for today’s high-performance homes--and in ...
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Waste Less. Build More.

Processes and technology combine to help builders save time, waste, material, labor, steps, and cost. It is no secret that ...
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Codewatcher Nudura

How To Avoid Delays In New Construction

The building system you choose could mean the difference between on-time delivery of homes and painful delays. It’s a common ...
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Codewatcher trends report

Designers Report on Energy Efficiency Trends

Here are the topline findings from's home design trends report. recently published its 2019 Energy-Efficient Home Design Trends Report. The ...
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codewatcher future factory built housing

The Future of Energy Efficiency in Off-Site Construction

As we look forward on housing demand, how can we use what we’ve learned in energy efficiency over the years ...
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Codewatcher Fantech MUAS diagram

Are You Skirting the IRC Kitchen Ventilation Code?

While maybe not intentional, many builders are cheating the IRC code when it comes to kitchen exhaust rules. Here’s guidance ...
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