Noise Ordinance in South Carolina Town Targets Builders Who Work Too Much

Town residents want an end to 7-day-a-week contractors in the city.

First Conway City Council cut back on the hours that residents can discharge fireworks in the city limits and then it turned its attention to noise caused by builders who work seven days a week.

contractors photo

The noise pollution was brought to the attention of council by Conway residents Clayton and Kathy Mauldin, who live near Leyland Grove, an apartment complex for seniors under construction on Pine Street.

The couple has complained to council before about builders starting work early on weekends, disrupting the rare times to sleep in.

Builders are allowed to work on their creations now from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. seven days a week, unless there is an urgency expressed by the builders.

Editor’s note: Another interesting passage from the article:

Council began discussing this issue shortly after it had spent some time talking about chickens in the city limits. Most council members agreed right away that residents who want chickens shouldn’t be allowed to have roosters.

“If a rooster’s a problem…why not a contractor?” Kathy Mauldin asked.

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