N.J. Cracks Down on Smoke Detectors With Disposable Batteries

Renting or selling your home? N.J. has a new smoke detector rule for you this year.

As reported by Chris Franklin in For NJ.com, if you are thinking of selling or renting your home, smoke detectors with disposable batteries aren’t going to cut it anymore.

“A change in the state’s uniform construction code, which took effect on Jan. 1, requires residences (one and two-story homes, motel rooms and rooming houses) built before 1977 to have a 10-year sealed battery smoke alarm installed. Homes built after 1977 are not subject to the new regulations because requirements already existed for the residences to have a hardwired alarm. A similar measure also started in New York.”

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) spokeswoman Lisa Ryan says the change came with safety as its primary goal. … Ryan says the DCA’s Division of Fire Safety proposed and adopted the regulations for the sealed battery smoke alarms because it stops people from removing the battery, allowing the device to be ready to work if a fire were to occur and to reduce the number of injuries and deaths.

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Photo by R/DV/RS