10-Year Fire Detector Batteries Required in Illinois

Late in 2019, Illinois passed HB3773, requiring all homes to have smoke detectors powered by 10-year sealed batteries.

There’s no question the 10-year batteries are more expensive, but one fire official was quoted as saying the price of increased safety was more than worth it. “In the long run, you would be better off buying the ten-year (sealed battery). You can’t put a price on safety and with that being said, the money you’re going to spend on nine volt batteries over the years, you might as well spend up front,” Lieutenant Chris Dennison of the Godfrey (IL) Fire Protection District said. “You have peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe.”

The new law won’t go into effect until January 1, 2023. When the law does take effect, residents could be assessed a $100 fine if they receive a citation and don’t comply within 90 days. The fines can increase an additional $100 every 30 days until fines reach $1,500 or the cited resident installs the new device.

The law does not apply to hardwired smoke detectors, or units running on Wi-Fi or low-powered radio frequencies. The law also does not apply to the City of Chicago.In the state of Illinois, homes built after 1988 are required to have hardwired alarms, but most homes  built before then have smoke detectors with removable batteries. Therefore, this will largely apply to 30+ year-old homes.