“Last Week Tonight” Slams National Flood Insurance Program

john oliver NRDC flood insurance

John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight featured a take-down of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and its failure to keep Americans in resilient housing–safe from floods and hurricanes.

NRDC’s flood insurance experts worked with the Last Week Tonight‘s writers to illustrate the problems with the NFIP program, notably that NFIP can unintentionally trap homeowners who would prefer to move to higher ground. Oliver highlighted reforms supported by NRDC, including measures that would ensure homeowners and home buyers have the best available information about past flood damage, and how likely they are to experience flooding again.

“Essentially, a government program that was supposed to help people in flooded homes is sometimes trapping them inside them indefinitely,” Oliver said.

Watch John Oliver’s expose of the NFIP here.