Homeowners in Floodplains Must Meet Higher Code Standards

Bay County, Fla., homeowners living in floodplains must meet higher code standards and raise their foundations if their hurricane damage repair costs exceed a certain threshold.

As reported in the Panama City News Herald By Patrick McCreless, some Florida residents face stricter regulations for rebuilding in floodplains:

The county has received calls recently from homeowners in floodplains unaware that they had to meet stricter regulations before they could get building permits to repair damage from Hurricane Michael. County officials say the extra regulations are needed so homeowners can keep access to relatively cheap federal flood insurance.

The regulations on rebuilding won’t apply to every floodplain homeowner though. Any home reconstruction, rehabilitation, addition or other improvement must meet the regulations only if the work equals or exceeds 50 percent of the building’s market value. Once the cost threshold is reached, the homes must meet the same standards as a new building, which typically means building up to current codes and raising the foundation to or above the base flood elevation.

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Photo by dconvertini