DOE Announces the Initiation of Round Robin Testing for Ceiling Fans

Calling all labs equipped to run DOE test procedure for ceiling fans for testing opportunity.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), with the support of the American Lighting Association (ALA), announces the initiation of a round robin test program for ceiling fans. The objective of the program is to compare test results from a group of participating test labs on a controlled sample of ceiling fan units to assess repeatability and reproducibility. The round robin testing will document the variability of test results, both within a single test lab (repeatability) and from test lab to test lab (reproducibility), and seek to identify the potential contributors to variability. The results will form the basis of recommended corrective actions for facilities and may highlight areas of clarification of the DOE test procedure.

What labs can participate in testing?

Any labs that are equipped to run the DOE test procedure for ceiling fans, including:

  • US test labs
  • International test labs
  • Independent test labs
  • Manufacturer-owned test labs.

How do I get my lab involved?

If you would like to participate in the program, please email Lucy deButts at, stating your interest and returning a completed lab application for review and consideration.

For further details, visit DOE’s ceiling fan webpage.