When Disaster Strikes Institute

This institute is an essential course for all building and code officials and licensed professionals. It will provide participants with skills, knowledge, and tools to help them become a disaster response inspector. Participants will learn the ICC disaster response process, which will enable them to respond to a disaster site prepared to interface with the onsite command structure and become a resource in identifying unsafe buildings and uninhabitable structures. Throughout this interactive course, participants will have the opportunity to practice skills and receive practical information and tools that can be used at the disaster site. Participants as disaster responders will be able to respond to a disaster site, prepare to become a resource to that jurisdiction and to identify buildings in accordance with the ICC, ATC and the authority having jurisdiction

Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be better able to:

  • Explain the role of the of the National Incident Management System,
  • Prepare for mobilization prior to a disaster,
  • Execute site mobilization procedures,
  • Conduct a site inspection,
  • Estimate damage by percentage of structure or by dollars per square foot,
  • Post standardized notices and/or alternative notices,
  • Communicate with affected persons at the disaster site