What’s New for the 2016 Energy Standards

This full day course will provide an overview of the new requirements in the 2016 Energy Standards for both residential and nonresidential buildings. All project types will be covered, including newly constructed buildings, additions, and alterations. The new requirements for residential buildings that will be addressed include: high performance attics and walls; instantaneous water heaters; high efficacy lighting; and much more. The new requirements for nonresidential buildings that will be addressed include: elevators and escalators; window and door HVAC lockout sensors; direct digital controls (DDC); and much more. Through this training Building Department staff will be provided with the tools and knowledge necessary to enforce the 2016 Energy Standards.

Upon completion of this seminar, you will be better able to:

  • Identify the 2016 Energy Standards documents
  • Discuss the major changes for both residential and nonresidential buildings
  • Highlight the different requirements for newly constructed, addition, and alteration projects
  • Consider the impact of the changes for plans examiners and field inspectors and provide sample forms and construction photos
  • Provide resources that will assist in complying with the Energy Standards