Like many types of equipment installed on homes and businesses, or in industrial applications, getting solar installed means knowing and navigating a complex world of solar codes and standards. It is part of SEIA’s mission to support its members and industry to actively monitor and develop codes standards to foster a strong solar industry and to facilitate solar’s deployment.  Join us in Santa Barbara, California to augment your working technical and regulatory knowledge of permitting, technology, codes (building, fire, structural and electrical) and standards developments with the industry’s foremost experts and to help shape the future of solar regulations to keep solar a viable and thriving market.

SEIA’s  inaugural Codes & Standards Symposium is specifically designed by and for solar codes & standards professionals and their colleagues in research, design and marketing. This symposium will cover the most up-to-date, impactful issues that have the potential to drive further expansion of solar as well as those issues that have the potential to constrain solar growth and how to best address those challenges.