Rating Systems

Codewatcher RESNET business opportunities for raters

RESNET Targets New Business Opps for Raters

RESNET rolls out a suite of ideas to bolster opportunities for HERS raters nationwide. The RESNET Board of Directors has ...
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Codewatcher HERS variability study results

HERS Variability Study: What Does It Mean for the Building Industry?

Green Builder Coalition Executive Director Mike Collignon assesses the findings of the HERS Variability Study and highlights the work that ...
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Codewatcher Raters work with builders RESNET

How Builders and Raters Can Build Success Together

The Acting Deputy Director of RESNET leverages her experience as an insulation contractor to foster collaboration between builders and raters ...
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codewatcher resnet addenda

Four Addenda to RESNET MINHERS Standards

Addendum 29, QADs, implements the RESNET Board of Directors new policy regarding Quality Assurance Designees. RESNET certified Quality Assurance Designees will be trained, ...
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Podcast: Evolving Standards For Multifamily Ratings

Gayathri Vijayakumar, Steven Winter Associates, offers everything you need to know about standards for multifamily ratings. What’s the most effective way ...
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How to Get Home Energy Ratings Info to Realtors

In RESNET's latest podcast, learn how organizations deliver home energy ratings information to the real estate community. Learn how one ...
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