Rating Systems


RESNET Rebrands Water Rating Program

To resolve potential confusion with the Water Efficiency Rating System, RESNET has rebranded its water rating program. The new name ...
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Guide to HERS and Builders Getting Along

How-To Guide to Help Builders and HERS Raters Work Together

The Insulation Institute has published a guide for certified RESNET HERS Raters to better understand how they can improve communications ...
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Home energy rating webinar

Home Energy Ratings Attract More Customers

This webinar offers quick advice on how you can improve your bottom line with home energy ratings. Looking for ways ...
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RESNET announces 2 million HERS rated homes

RESNET Hits Major Milestone

RESNET has announced that over 2 million homes in the United States have now been rated with a HERS Index ...
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12 air sealing areas CodeWatcher

RESNET Defines Cavity and Attic Volume

The RESNET Standards Development Committee 300 has adopted a formal standard interpretation for 380-16-01 Definitions, Cavity and Attic Volume. The RESNET Standard Development Equipment ...
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RESNET Enters Educational Partnership with EEBA

Members of RESNET will be able to participate in EEBA training courses through the new partnership. RESNET has entered into ...
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