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CodeWatcher RESNET webinar

Free CEU Unit: Understanding RESNET’s HERS Index

April Webinar is an intro to HERS, including requirements for becoming a HERS Rater and quality assurance standards that apply ...
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In Search of the Fire Code-Compliant Cat Door

Only one company that I know of offers a fire-ready pet door. But will fire chiefs consider it code compliant? ...
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HERS rating breakdown Texas

HERS Rated Homes by State and Climate

RESNET releases a breakdown of HERS-rated homes by type of housing: Climate Zone 3A and Texas head the list. In ...
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codewatcher resnet conference

Drilling Down on RESNET Conference Offerings

Tapping the appraisal and real estate market to be a focus of the 2018 RESNET Building Performance Conference. A partnership ...
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resnet paths to energy code

RESNET to Remove a Test Requirement for Certified Raters

RESNET proposes standard amendment to rescind the RESNET Rater simulation practical test requirement for certified raters. The RESNET Standard Development ...
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RESNET Rebrands Water Rating Program

To resolve potential confusion with the Water Efficiency Rating System, RESNET has rebranded its water rating program. The new name ...
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