New RESNET Podcast: Enhancing the Quality of HERS Ratings

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Listen to the 2nd Episode of the RESTalk Podcast “Enhancing the Quality of HERS Ratings.”

RESNET has launched its new podcast, RESTalk, a new exciting way to stay up-to-date on everything RESNET and HERS, including initiatives, standards, technical and building practice updates, marketing, and more. The podcast will feature interviews with RESNET staff and guests from throughout the rating and home building industries, discussing a wide range of topics including current events and new technologies. A new podcast will be aired every two weeks.

In this episode, “Enhancing the Quality of HERS Ratings” Bill welcomes RESNET’s Director of Quality Assurance Administration and Standards Laurel Elam, and Technical Director, Quality Assurance and Training Scott Doyle to discuss RESNET’s efforts aimed at enhancing the quality of HERS ratings.

Laurel and Scott will discuss the changes in the way quality assurance of HERS Rating is done and what changes are anticipated in the future. To listen to the podcast CLICK HERE.
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Future RESTalk podcasts include:
  • “RESNET New Water Efficiency Rating Standard and What It Means to You” – Ryan Meres, RESNET
  • “Enhancing Consistency of HERS Rating Software” – Steve Baden, RESNET
  • “Investment in Growing the Demand for HERS Ratings” – Valerie Briggs, RESNET
RESNET’s web site will include an archive of RESTalk podcasts. To listen go to