Why You Shouldn’t Trade Thermal Envelope for Solar

Here’s what happens when you trade a high-performance envelope for solar.

  • The home owner gets a poor performing, less
    comfortable, drafty home.
  •  The home owner doesn’t see the cost of solar as part of
    the true monthly cost of owning the home because solar is
    often provided under a lease from a third party. This shifts
    the cost away from the home price and mortgage, which is
    good for builders, but it doesn’t actually reduce costs for
    home buyers who may later opt out of the program and be
    left with a significantly under-performing house.
  • The amount of energy being used by the home is not
    reduced by on-site renewable generation. The home
    continues to receive its electricity from the local utility,
    and while it may deliver “green” energy back to the local
    utility, it does not actually offset the energy use of the
    home where the system is affixed.
  • The next home owner in the door after a solar-topped
    home is sold may not retain the solar lease or equipment,
    and will then be saddled with high utility bills.

Read the full story on the high-performance versus solar debate in the 2018 IECC codes process here.