Why Tougher Homes Won’t Be Built

Future homeowners will remain at risk from weather extremes if NAHB continues to block proposals at the 2016 Fall ICC code hearings.

Bloomberg writer Christopher Flavelle, in his behind-the-scenes look at the machinations of updating America’s building codes, found out why only 6 percent of the proposals to strengthen building codes made it through the April committee ICC code hearings intact: The NAHB “enjoys far more influence” on the committees that recommend changes to the 2015 ICC codes. While the ICC members all get a vote on the code changes, they tend to follow committee recommendations.

When asked by Flavelle about the pushback to new code proposals that would make house stronger, the NAHB “stressed the importance of keeping prices low to attract buyers.”

“They will invariably hide behind the skirts of what’s called affordability. What that really means is profitability,” says Green Builder Media president Ron Jones, an NAHB board member since the 1990s and critic of its approach. “To represent themselves as the protector of the American home buyer is pure hypocrisy.”

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Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video