Want to Meet Codes? Collaborate

CodeWatcher collaboration for building code success

Meeting today’s building code challenges requires information and collaboration.

Years ago, before anyone but scientists paid attention to building science, most builders put up homes the way their fathers did. Or, if they worked in larger home building companies, they simply followed the protocols that had been in place for decades.

These were times when a builder was on his own when bringing to life a blueprint using the products and crews he knew best. While he put up house after house, issues like building codes, climate implications, product failures, buyer demands, callbacks, and a host of other concerns dogged his sleep.

Those days are long past for the most innovative builders, who now know that to be successful you need to work with manufacturers who are invested in getting home building right.

The best manufacturers are purveyors of crucial information that builders simply can’t get on their oCodewatcher Mastering Buildig Code Challengeswn—information such as:

  • research and development of products and building practices
  • advanced knowledge of building codes and how to meet or exceed them
  • reverence for the concept of the house as a system.

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