Update Your I-Code Pubs to Watermark Version

CodeWatcher ICC watermark

ICC converted its publications from ProtectedPDF to new versatile Watermark version. 

Effective Dec. 15, code professionals who purchased International Codes (I-Codes), state codes or other selected publications from the Code Council in either a PDF download or CD format will need to upgrade from the older ProtectedPDF to a newer, more versatile watermark version.  After Dec. 15, the older ProtectedPDF versions will no longer work.

The new watermark version allows users to access and view the codes on tablets and phones, vitally important for work in the field. The new watermark version files also work with any PDF reader, can be placed on two devices and do not require a serial number for viewing the PDF. Customers who have already downloaded the watermark version or sent the information on CD do not need to take any further action.

Read more about it here.