Springfield, Mo., on the Building Code Slow Track?

CodeWatcher Springfield Missouri codes

The City Council of Springfield is supposed to be reviewing the 2018 International Codes Suite, including the energy provisions for commercial and residential buildings. However, they keep postponing their reviews, and there is no mention of the codes in any recent City Council meeting minutes. The local media reported that the City Council was going to discuss updating the building codes on September 24, but it didn’t happen and, to our knowledge, still hasn’t. In fact, this article from KSPR (written on October 22nd) states that the City is still working on code development. The general public had approximately 40 days to comment, but that ended on September 11.

The City is currently using the 2012 I-codes. While the ICC operates on a 3-year code cycle, Springfield is a little different. They have chosen to update their building codes every six years, and merely consider amendments every three years. The projected effective date is January 1, 2019, with a 3-month grace period extending beyond that. However, the City is going to have to move at a much greater pace in order to meet that timeline.

Photo by MoBikeFed