Philly Moves to Adopt 2018 Commercial Building Codes

The proposed change will require multifamily residential as well as commercial projects to hit higher energy benchmarks than the current 2009 code.

For a long time, Philly’s commercial building codes have sat at the—arguably outdated—2009 standards. But that might change soon, as officials look at adopting new codes that could not only save money, but be environmentally sound as well.

The decision comes as state officials review 2015 building codes for adoption across Pennsylvania. During that review process, the Pennsylvania State Legislature gave Philly a special opportunity to jump ahead even further and adopt new 2018 commercial building codes. The committee of Licenses and Inspections took the opportunity last week and recommended a bill to adopt the codes.

If the bill passes City Council it could be an environmental boon to the city because it would force new constructions to enact energy-saving measures, according to Katie Bartolotta, Policy and Program Manager at Green Building United.

Green Building United has already drafted and submitted a letter with 70 signatures to the committee of Licenses and Inspections, supporting the bill to adopt the codes, which are not yet drafted.

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