New Hampshire Updates to 2015 I-Codes

HB562 was signed into law in New Hampshire.

HB562 updates the state’s building codes to the 2015 I-codes, including the IECC and IRC.

There were seven amendments to the IRC that were ratified by the legislature. Most of the amendments were rollbacks. One amendment changed the air change/hour requirement (in climate zones 3-8) from 3 to 5.

The state HBA also successfully lobbied for the deletion of the mechanical ventilation requirement, and reduced the wall insulation requirement from an R-value of “20+5 or 13+10” down to “20 or 13+5”. Finally, the state HBA asked for (and received) an 18-month delay in the enforcement of fire protection requirements for floor assemblies.

There was one positive amendment. The state HBA asked that redundant paperwork be removed from the IRC requirements, since the paperwork in question was already required under the IECC.

The code went into effect on September 15, with the exception of the aforementioned fire protection provisions. Those won’t go in to effect until mid-March 2021.